Volatility…a Thing of the Past

It’s been a tough few years for Market Investors, wouldn’t you agree?  Many investors who had a majority of their portfolio in equities in 2008/2009 are finally getting back to even.   BUT LOOK HOW LONG IT HAS TAKEN!  3 yrs to get back to even.  3 years lost!  Anyway, I guess it’s a good thing we’re back to even.  Now What?

I say we demand that our brokers NEVER let it happen again!!!  Whatya say?

Wouldn’t it be great if we could always keep all the gains when the Market is UP, and never have any losses when the Market is DOWN??  That would be utopia!  THAT will Never HappenHuh!  There is NO guarantee that a stock, bond, mutual fund, ETF, etc., won’t go down, or go up for that matter.  Financial Advisers truly do try to make money for their clients but they don’t control what the Market does on a daily basis.  They do the best they can.

So, we know the Market goes up, and the Market goes down.  The trick is to figure out when to buy and when to sell so you can make a buck, right?  Retirement isn’t just a Dream we can never achieve, it’s available, with a little planning and the right investment vehicle.  No matter what amount of savings you have now, your Retirement future depends upon this: DO NOT LOSE MONEY EVER AGAIN!  That’s a tall order though isn’t it?

You’re in LUCK, “I CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN”.  Capture the Market Gains, Eliminate the Market Losses.  That’s what you want isn’t it?  Let’s protect your break-even position from any further Volatility.  Get out of the Market, Call VIP Financial Services to get the Inside Scoop on how Indexed Annuities can help you NEVER LOSE MONEY EVER AGAIN.

(913) 553-3602    Doug Voss

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