Sunday I will be spending some quality time with my Mother.  She deserves my attention.  Not just because it is “Mother’s Day”, but because she is My Mom!  Lord knows, she has had to put up with enough being My Mom.

Saturday, we are all meeting at their (Mom and Dad) house to prepare for an auction.  They are selling all their household belongings, or at least everything they don’t want to move, because they are moving about 200 miles away.  They can’t keep up with all the maintenance, mowing, climbing stairs, etc…plus, they want to be closer to my sis.  The sale starts at 10:00am Saturday, should be lots of people.  Sunday, we rest!

So, all work aside, Happy Mother’s Day Mom!  You are appreciated.  And to all the other Moms out there, I hope you get to spend time with your children, or at least hear their voice.

Have a Great Day!    

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