There should be a rule that everyone over the age of 70 should be required to write an autobiography.  Think about it.  Someone that is 70 today was born in 1941. A child during World War II, experienced suburban expansion, building of interstate highways, the 60’s, and so much more.  An 80 year old today would have grown up during the depression, and possibly had a brother or a father that fought in WWII.  A 90 year old today, well, anyone 90 or older would definitely have a story or two to tell.  How profound!  We should capture that knowledge and experience.

The Native American Indians kept the history of their families and tribes by telling stories of their ancestors.  It gave the children a sense of heritage and belonging.  It also passed on wisdoms and healing.  The elders made sure that the new generations heard the stories in order to ensure their legacy.  I think that was their greatest gift to the next generation, their wisdom and the stories.

I realized a few years ago that I don’t really know much about my parent’s past and that I should spend more time with each of them now, before it is too late.  We should discuss and even document their life of learning, hard lessons and great accomplishments.  It’s important to me and for my children.  I think I might just write a book about it.  Because once they are gone, it’s too late.  This country’s greatest asset is the wisdom of it’s seniors.

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